Thursday, May 5, 2011

Out With The Old, In With The New!

So those of you who have read posts from me before may be a little confused. Where have all the old posts gone? I deleted them, I'm starting over. I do the same thing with diaries and journals at home. Whenever I begin again in a notebook, I rip out all of the old pages. As you can imagine, I've learned to only buy coil notebooks. It just makes sense.

I know that I benefit from reflection. I'm a very verbal person, I process things linguistically. You can imagine the irony of having a low auditory working memory in combination with this. But when I put it out there, either in words or spoken to someone I get it. Things click in new and exciting ways and I am better able to pull out details in a way that I never have before. Not everyone with ADHD is as linguistically minded as I am, but I know this works for me. If it works, do it!!

I've started working with an amazing life coach recently, named Brandon Koch. You can check out his blog at Taming the Scattered Mind. He has his own struggles with ADHD to contend with, so his coaching strategies are genuine. One of the things we both agree on is how helpful blogging can be. I've decided to give this another shot. Here's to the future!